6 Free Hello Bar Alternative WordPress Plugins

As you know, Hello Bar is one of the popular eye-catching notification toolbar used by many sites all over the web, but because of its high price many bloggers are not using it; their free package provides only 25 clicks/month that is not even enough for a low traffic site. And the pricing starts at 4.95 per month for 100 clicks, where the pro package is worth $49 .95 per/month for up to 7,500 clicks. Obviously Hello Bar is not affordable for small Business owners and new bloggers.

Moreover, the installation process of Hello Bar is little time-consuming because Hello Bar is not a plugin, it requires a couple of steps to set-up.

However, these types of notification toolbar can be very beneficial for your business. It can be used to capture high quality leads, to guide your visitors to a specific sales page, to an eBook download page, can use as a subscription form, can use as a call-to-action button, etc. As you can see it has so many advantages.

In This article, I’m going to share some of the free WordPress Plugins that can be used as Alternative for Hello Bar.

Alternative for Hello Bar — WordPress plugins

Attention Grabber Plugin

Hello Bar alternative WordPress plugins

Attention Grabber plugin is one of the best free alternative for Hello Bar, it has the same features as Hello Bar and it can be easily installed and integrated with your WordPress site. I’m using this plugin on this site as you see on top.


  • You can customize the look of the bar however you want
  • Track the number of sign-ups or clicks you receive using Google Analytics
  • Responsively show or hide content to fit comfortable at the top user’s screen

WordPress Notification Bar

WordPress Notification Bar is another free plugin which can be used as alternative for Hello Bar. Similar to Attention Grabber, it is also can be easily installed and integrate with WordPress site.


  • Display sticky notification bar
  • Easy setup
  • call to action button with custom message
  • choose any color to match your site

Notification Bar plugin

It is also a similar plugin like the above one, A simple notification bar which allows you to add a notification bar on the top of your WordPress site.


  • Comes up with 5 color option
  • A Call-to-action link button
  • Hides automatically after 7 seconds
  • Use to redirect users to any specific page

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Sticky Notification Bar For WordPress

Sticky Notification Bar is also a cool plugin which displays a cool bar on top when the user scrolls down your page. you can use a navigation menu if you want to show a Navigation in the top bar, or you can show a constant message that you want to convey to your users.


  • Adds a cool sticky bar to your WordPress site which only shows when the user scrolls
  • option to set when to display
  • you can show social share icons on the bar
  • Easily manageable back-end settings
  • you can use a navigation menu if you want to show a Navigation
  • It allows you to add/upload your own logo if you want to show your logo on the bar
  • You can enable disable the Sticky notification bar for a specific post or page.
  • You can add a cool scroll to top arrow which smoothly brings the user to the top of the web page.
  • you can add the bar at the bottom or at the top.

Fluid Notification Bar

Fluid Notification bar is another simple plugin which displays a nice responsive bar at the top. you can use this bar to display any messages to your visitors.


  • You can display specific post/page link
  • Display welcome message to your website visitors
  • You can display link to sales or something important
  • Use it as a call-to-action button

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Notify Bar

This plugin adds a bar across the top of some or all pages on your WordPress website. The bar displays a headline and a paragraph which can used to display important announcements.


  • Customize bar color with a color picker
  • Optional jQuery slide-Up feature that allows the user to hide the bar
  • Display link of any sales page or important page
  • Display any popular post or page


Above i have listed out some of the free WordPress plugins that can be used as alternative for Hello Bar. Among these six plugins, Attention Grabber is best, you can see it on this site.

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  1. says

    cool alternatives,

    For me I like to keep it very, very simple.
    I don’t what any distraction on my blog, no pop ups, shiny banners, nothing none-static.
    I have one banner on a black and white site that pops.

    perhaps down the line I’d incorporate some add ons though.

    thnx for the share, Adithya


    • Adithya Shetty says

      Hi Akos,
      I don’t think these small static bars at the top will distract anyone! I agree pop-up and ads will be irritating. . .
      Thanks for reading! :)

  2. says


    Attention Grabber plugin is my favorite and great plugin which is absolutely alternate for hello bar. I’ve used for my tech blog.

    Thanks Mate!

  3. Mitch says


    Thanks for the post.
    I must be confused. I see nothing on the Hello Bar site about payment plans.
    Does it just show up once you get 25 new subscribers in a month?
    And I do love that it integrates with MailChimp!!

    I have also purchased and used FooBar.

  4. says

    I totally agree that “hellobar” plugin can not be afforded by small businesses and new bloggers.
    The list of alternatives which you have mentioned are really good. I too think that attention seeker plugin will be great among all others.

    Anyway thank you for the list and moreover thank you for sharing this post.

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