WordPress Plugins To Create Mobile App For Your Blog

Smartphones are ruling the world; from listening songs to measuring calories, from paying bills to ordering Pizzas, from sending videos to transferring bank funds. With latest smartphones we can do every possible thing in the world that we wouldn’t have imagined some years ago. A decade ago, getting what we need to our place was difficult, but now the time has changed; we can do everything from just a tiny device called mobile phones.

Millions of people, specially young generation people and teens are getting attracted to smartphones and mobile Apps. So the market value of mobile Apps are high and it is growing day-by-day.

If you own a website/blog, don’t you like to convert it into mobile App and get more exposure? I’m sure you want to.

If you’re a Tech blogger, I’m sure you might have thought of building your own mobile App, but what if you’re not a coder? what if you don’t understand things like HTML and CSS? Don’t worry, technology has so advanced today that you can build your own mobile Apps without even having to write a single coding line.

So if you run a self-hosted WordPress blog, then I’m sure you understand things like plugins, widgets and all. Below I’m going share with you some of the WordPress plugins which lets you create your own Mobile App within minutes.

WordPress Plugins to Create Mobile Apps


WiziApp Plugin

WiziApp is a plugin that turns your WordPress powered Website into a HTML5 mobile App for Android, iPhone and Windows phone. You can design and customize your App however you want, you can see the changes while customizing in real-time. You can include posts, pages, tags, categories and comments in your mobile App. Moreover, you can also include Videos and Images in your mobile App.

Another best thing is, your users can read and comment on your posts directly from the mobile App. Also, you can notify your readers about new posts with push notifications. WiziApp allows you to create and publish your app in Apple App store, Google play and Android market.

Moreover, you can use Adsense to monetize your App.

UppSite Plugin

UppSite Plugin lets you create HTML 5 mobile Apps. Uppsite plugin is the easiest and fastest way to build your native mobile app for your WordPress website. Uppsite plugin supports all major mobile platforms like IOS, Android and Windows Phone. Customize your app by uploading your own icons and logos, change color, font sizes, layout. You can preview your mobile app before publishing.

Uppsite App gives better user experience by letting your users read and comment on your site within the app. It also lets you to monetize with your app.

Mobile App Plugin

This is another plugin which simply lets you create your own mobile app without a sweat. This plugins also lets you to customize your app the way you want. This plugin’s features include viewing and posting comments, viewing image galleries, push notifications to inform your readers about your new articles, App analytic to track your visitors, etc.

This plugins also lets you to monetize your App by allowing you to display ads.

App La Carte Plugin

App La Carte is another WordPress plugin which lets you build your own native mobile phone app, simply install this plugin. No need to write any coding, just choose your theme color and fonts, add your WordPress website URL and your app will be ready in minutes.

It also lets your readers view and comment on your posts directly from the mobile app.

Joemobi Plugin

Yet another simple WordPress plugin to create your own mobile app, Joemobi plugin lets you to customize your app; you can upload your own header images, icons. Build and publish your mobile app on App Store and Google Play. It also includes feature like App Analytic.

 Mobiloud Plugin

With Mobiloud, you can easily build beautiful and fast mobile Apps. Your mobile App will automatically syncs with your WordPress site contents like; posts, pages, categories, videos and Images. Mobiloud lets you design your App the way you want.

It also supports Google Analytic to Track your App visitors. You can also monetize your App using Admob and Adsense.

For non-WordPress users

What if you don’t own a self-hosted WordPress blog and want to create your own App? No need to worry; if your blog is hosted on other platforms like Blogger and wondering how to build your own app, don’t worry; there are some websites which lets you create your own mobile app for free.

Below I’ve listed some of the websites which lets you to create your mobile app for free.

 Free Blog Apps

FreeBlogApps is a website which allows you to create your own mobile app for your blog within minutes without any coding work. Like the website name says, it is free. All you have to do is enter your website/Blog url, and with couple of clicks your mobile App will be ready.


AppsGeyer is another website which simply lets you create your own mobile app for free. AppsGeyer helps you to create Android and Iphone app. The apps generated by AppsGeyser is very simple and fast.

Infinite Monkeys

This is another website which lets you create your own app with couple of clicks. No coding, no hustling, everything is simple. Also, Infinite Monkey allows you to include your social media profiles in your apps, customization is so easy; all you have to do is Drag and Drop. you can also preview your apps before publishing.

Final Words

Building mobile Apps was never so easy, with mobile App generating plugins and tools you can build and publish mobile apps instantly. Above I’ve listed out some WordPress plugins and websites which lets you create your own mobile Apps. The website which i mentioned can also be used to generate apps for WordPress powered blogs.

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    Hello Adithya,
    I was seriously looking for a way to create a app for my blog till i stumbled on your post at dosplash. Thanks for sharing such wonderful plugins :)

    Have a blessed day ahead…

  2. says

    Nice post! Well creating an android app for our blog is very important so that mobile user can visit the blog without any hassle,

    All the mentioned plugins seems great, i think im gonna try it now.


  3. says


    WiziApp Plugin is really an awesome plugin which optimize the site for mobile users. So whenever a visitor from mobile visits our site they can easily navigate to any posts easily.

    I really like the huge resource for creating mobile apps for blog.


    • Adithya Shetty says

      Hi Anirudh,
      yup, it is necessary to make our websites mobile friendly. . . glad you found useful. .
      thanks for reading! :)

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